How will COVID-19 affect student-athletes’ futures?

Student-athletes are preparing for an uncertain future due to COVID-19.

With safety concerns over the amount of positive COVID-19 cases, HHSAA (Hawaii High School Athletic Association) has postponed all moderate- and high-risk fall sports. Those sports include cheerleading, cross country, girls’ volleyball, and football.

Some athletes who play spring sports are already considering the impact of COVID-19.

Nalu Russell, a baseball player in the 12th grade, says he does not feel affected. “Even though we can’t play the game, I go in the backyard and practice as if hitting off a baseball tee and doing drills,” Russell says.

Without games or practices, scouts won’t be able to see student athletes play. This will make it difficult for students who want to get scholarships because scouts cannot see them play in person.

Russell has an alternative solution. He says, “I’m planning on making a video of what positions I play and sending it out to colleges. It’s a better chance for them to see how I play and how I communicate on the field.”

Some athletes’ seasons were cut short last year, like softball player Kendrea Cordeiro’s. Cordeiro plans to get scouted by playing in her outside league, and initially said, “We are actually supposed to take a trip in November for that reason, because there are some of us that haven’t been showcased.” However, the trip was cancelled, making it harder for student-athletes like Cordeiro to be scouted.

As the school year goes on, student-athletes who play moderate- and high-risk sports wait for further announcements and regulations from HHSAA.