Marauders compete in first Cane Knife Classic since 2014

James Campbell High School hosted the first Cane Knife Classic since 2014 this past Saturday, August 20, 2022. First held in 1963, the Cane Knife Classic is an ongoing rivalry between Campbell and Waipahu High School’s football teams. 

In the classic, the two teams compete for a trophy–a stainless-steel cane knife engraved with the scores of previous games between the Sabers and Marauders. The Marauders held onto the knife from 1978-1991; however, the Sabers have won the last six Cane Knife Classics since 2009. 

The tradition of competing for the cane knife started in 1963, when the Sabers had their first varsity football season. The two schools represented Oahu’s largest sugarcane industry communities in the early 60s and late 70s. 

Many Waipahu High School students don’t know about this tradition because this year’s Cane Knife Classic has been the first since 2014. Junior Aaron Dumaslan, a Waipahu defensive back, mentioned that he did not know much about the cane knife trophy or the rivalry between the two schools. He went on to say that he expected to face many challenges playing against the Sabers, but thought that they fought their hardest.

Campbell has defeated Waipahu each of the three times they’ve competed for the cane knife in the past decade. The Sabers continue to hold onto the knife after their 51-14 win this past Saturday.

The Marauders play against Radford High School on Friday, August 27.