Waipahu High School welcomes new principal Zachary Sheets


Jesselle Ann Morales

Sheets (above) became Waipahu High School’s new principal in September.

Within his first few days at Waipahu High School, new principal Zachary Sheets came to love the school. He can often be seen out and about, greeted by students during passing time as they rush to their next class. 

Prior to becoming principal, Sheets taught at August Ahrens Elementary School from 2007 to 2012. Then, he went on to become the school’s vice principal from 2012 to 2017. Afterwards, he served as a Complex Academic Officer for the Pearl City-Waipahu Complex. For the past four years, Sheets continued his administrative career as a principal at Pearl City Highlands Elementary School. 

Once he saw the opening for principal of Waipahu High School, Sheets saw it as an opportunity to reconnect with his former students from August Ahrens and the community of Waipahu. He shares that the community here in Waipahu “resonates with [his] belief system as an individual.”

More specifically, Sheets values Waipahu’s relationship-oriented community. Sheets finds a great deal of love, care and trust among Waipahu faculty, staff, students, and families. As he remarks, “I think that there’s so much potential in each student in the community, and it’s important to not be defined by what others may think of the community but what it really is about–relationships, determination, care–and to me, that’s what Waipahu represents.”

As principal, Sheets aims to get accustomed to Waipahu High School’s culture and academy model. Since a majority of his work experience came from elementary schools, he was not exposed to the academy system. Nonetheless, Sheets plans to build upon the school’s strengths and address its needs.

Sheets encourages students to “work on defining your own belief system and what matters to you, and find your purpose.” 

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