Japanese classes design new garden

Ayva Bautista-Barnard

The Japanese language classes at Waipahu High School have taken learning about culture a step further by designing our school’s new Japanese rock garden between the office and E building.

Japanese rock gardens are known to express beauty, tranquility, and nature.

The previous garden was built near Q building in 2015, but was moved due to construction on the new building.

The Japanese classes are taking what they learned from the previous garden to improve on the new garden. They received a grant to develop the garden with the help of Japanese teacher Tanya Harris.

Students have spent hours researching different aesthetics and components, especially the Japanese 3 students. 

Fellow Japanese teacher William Smith believes students have grown a better understanding of Japanese gardens. “I also think the students kind of feel pride when they go by and see that,” Smith says.

Designing a new garden has opened many possibilities. Students plan to add a Hawaiian twist to the traditional garden. 

There is also a mural contest ending this quarter. Teachers are hoping artistic students will submit their original artwork to develop the mural behind the garden. During winter break, teachers will gather to select a final design. After selecting a design, they plan to have a local artist contribute to the mural.

If everything goes as planned, the garden is expected to be finished by spring break.

Roxanne Cendana (’23)