Students adapt to online learning


Photo courtesy of Madison Viernes

Madison Viernes completes her online school work.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, students have had to make a lot of changes and adaptations. With rising cases, many schools have had to transition to online learning.

Now that students have completed the first quarter online, they have had new routines and environments to adapt to and some struggles to overcome. It is harder for some because they do not have a constant reminder to finish their work and turn it in on time as if they were in school with their teachers to remind them. For others, it is easier to do work online because everything is in one place.

“I like that everything’s online so it’s super easy to do homework and all I need is my computer,” says Madison Viernes, a Waipahu High School sophomore.

It is important to stay organized during online school. It is really easy to misinterpret an assignment because having seven classes sending assignments may get confusing and overwhelming.

“Some challenges I have encountered during online school is misunderstanding certain assignments. With all our assignments coming in at the same time, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything,” says sophomore Michaela Hernandez.

During online school, communication is key. For most students, online school is harder for them because of internet connection problems and lack of technology. Some have siblings that also have to do online classes, which can cause the internet to be slow and get backed up. This can cause students to miss certain deadlines or even instructions on their work.

Malia Valencia, a senior at Waipahu High, says, “My internet is not always good so I have to hop in and out of the meeting whenever my Wi-Fi acts up.”

Although online school is much different than being on campus, many students have made adjustments to their daily routines and overcome the challenges of virtual learning.