All students to register for next year’s classes online

The high school’s registration is shifting from barcodes and cards to an online document for students to fill out. As such, electives will no longer be assigned on a “first come, first served” basis, but randomly assigned after factoring in students’ preferences and core classes.

The online form will first be distributed on January 7, the day students return from winter break. Students will be provided with instructions and computer access to fill out the form, but registration does not officially start until January 9, when juniors will be given the first opportunity to register. Sophomores may begin registering January 14, and lastly, freshmen may register from January 16.

Students will still receive a card for registration, but it will now simply serve as a guide.  Students will have access to the online registration form through Infinite Campus. Through this new process, students will no longer need to walk across the campus to obtain signatures or stickers with barcodes for their chosen courses.

One common mistake that students made in the registration process in the past was forgetting to fill out the card. As a result, they would receive random electives that they may dislike, and would have to consult their counselor about changing electives in the future.  The same process would happen for the upcoming school year if students fail to complete the online registration.

Regarding electives, registration will prioritize placing students in core electives within their own academies first.  Students from other academies may be considered for these core academy electives afterwards.

In addition, all rising sophomores are required to take the Health/Guidance elective except for students from the Academy of Health & Sciences, who instead are required to take a Medical Terminology elective.

Students interested in taking either AP or honors classes should understand that there are prerequisites for each of them. AP or honors classes may involve work that may be too rigorous for students who lack knowledge of prior concepts covered. In addition, students need teachers’ recommendations in order to be considered for these classes.

Students who have further questions about registration should speak to their teachers or counselors.  They should also consider their parents’ guidance in the process.