Student-operated credit union rewarded for 25th anniversary renovations


Audrey Villanueva

Pictured from left to right above: David Jay, Elizabeth Higashi, Alison Meggs, Karl Yoneshige, Keanu Ruiz-Texeria, Daryl Agena, Jimwell Baja, Kel Hirohata, Keith Hayashi, Damien Owens, Brandy Yagi, Brent Murakami, Bryan Yucoco.

Waipahu High School’s Academy of Professional and Public Services, Academy of Arts and Communication, and Academy of Industrial Engineering and Technology were awarded $5,000 on Feburary 28, 2020 to recognize their work in renovating WHS’s HawaiiUSA student-operated credit union.

The credit union, located on the second floor of E-building, unveiled these renovations at a 25th anniversary celebration earlier this school year.

HawaiiUSA Business Development Officer Bryan Yucoco said, “We felt that the work that the students and faculty did exceeded our expectations. We were blown away by the collaboration and everything they put in. It was the right thing to do to give more.”

The funds will be used to support future academy activities. 62 students will also receive $25, with $15 placed in their checking accounts and $5 placed in their savings accounts.

All WHS students can open their own savings or checking account at the student-operated credit union.