Freshmen and sophomores celebrate masquerade banquet

Freshman-sophomore Banquet or FSB took place on Feb. 18 at the Hawaii Okinawa Center. The theme this year was ‘Under the Mask,’ a masquerade ball. 

With tickets sold out and every table filled, about 270 students attended. This was the first “normal” freshman sophomore banquet since the start of the pandemic. Last year’s FSB had many COVID protocols in place. 

This year’s FSB included a raffle and games such as gimmie gimmie and pass the mask, as well as a talent show with singing and a dance piece choreographed by students.

Ethan Mamuad, one of the students who sang, said, “One thing about the talent show that I enjoyed personally was the support and encouragement from everyone in the audience. Everyone welcomed not only me, but the other contestants with applause and shouts of encouragement. This helped calm my nerves and helped me perform at my best. But most of all, I enjoyed the flashlights everyone threw up for my performance. This was something that I wish I could experience again. Seeing all my friends and even people I don’t know enjoy my performance boosted my confidence and showed the spirit of the students at Waipahu High School.”

Participating in the talent show isn’t easy and can be intimidating, but dancer Leila Manibog says, “I would recommend doing the talent show to others that might be interested because it allows people to showcase the different talents that they have. I find performing really fun, and something that I can use to share what I love to do with others. Another thing that this can help with is getting more people interested in the talents you showcase.”

Two hours before the night ended, everyone was invited to dance on the dance floor. Chaperones and attendees closed out the night by singing the alma mater.