Opportunities to show support and school spirit in October

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Student Government strives to plan activities that promote awareness of important issues and school spirit this month. 

Activities to partake in include days dedicated to domestic violence and breast cancer awareness. 

To help students become aware of the problem of domestic violence, Oct. 7 is Purple Thursday. 

“On the 7th, we’re asking everyone to wear the color purple, which represents the color of the bruises on the victims,” says Student Activities Coordinator Joy Takara.

On the same day, Student Government will facilitate a purple handprint activity. They will pass out purple ribbons to make students aware of domestic violence and encourage them to report it if they ever witness it. 

A day dedicated to breast cancer awareness is Think Pink Day on Oct. 20. Everyone may wear the color pink to support breast cancer research and victims.

Additionally, there are more activities to participate in during spirit week. 

On Monday, Oct. 25, it is Black and Orange Day. 

Tuesday, Oct. 26 is Beach/Aloha Wear/Tourist Day. 

Wednesday, Oct. 27, is Boujee/Glam day. 

Thursday, October 28, is Dye/Hippie Day.

Finally, the Friday Oct. 29 is the Halloween Costume Contest. Students are allowed to dress up in school-appropriate costumes and compete with others to see who has the best costume.

Everyone is allowed to take part in these activities to show their support, style, and school pride.