Students share opinions on school lunches

Waipahu High School students have varying opinions about school lunches. Students who were interviewed on campus had somewhat similar opinions. 

Two freshmen, KC Cadiz and Earl Abon, said they like the school lunches depending on the selection. Cadiz says, “I sometimes liked the food, but it mostly depends on what type of food it is.” Abon adds, “It really depends on what type of food it is. Most are good, while some are plain.” 

School lunches do help students, though. They give students the energy that they need to work and study. Abon, who doesn’t bring his own lunch to school, says, “School lunches are useful since [going hungry] is an option I don’t like.” 

Lunches at Waipahu High School are useful in another way this year. All students will receive free breakfast and lunch for the whole school year.

Senior Suia Tapuala says, “It’s been helping me because [my family doesn’t] have to pay for anything.”

Some students would like to see changes to the menu. Abon said he would like some meals to be “a bit healthier.” Cadiz suggested adding an entree like steak to the school lunch menu.

Even teachers have suggestions for the school lunch menu. Social studies teacher Kellen Inafuku would love to see different local foods on the menu.