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Marauder Minute: Things are going on in WHS! Students are talking!

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A new group has popped up on our school grounds! Students of writing, talking about the inside stories here at WHS.

Students share their thoughts on the new final exam schedule, saying things need to be changed.

On today’s topic, The Cane Tassel members voted on whether students liked WHS’ Quarter 2 Final Exam Week or not. There were a total of 11 submitted votes, where 6 out of 11 voters said that the new schedule was “somewhat OK.” The other 5 said that they liked the new schedule.

Most students noted that they liked the way that students were able to leave early and how the school day was short, with some saying they also liked how each exam day was only two classes, which did not get them too overwhelmed.

Few say that it was good because, at the end of exams, students had time to catch up on late work to finish. However, the same students who said that the schedule was good and OK also had negative thoughts about the schedule. Some ideas included how they did not like the way the exam schedule was ordered, how they did not like short breaks, and even the exams themselves.

Students mentioned that they did not enjoy having to take multiple test in one class or in a day, saying that the test felt like it took forever to finish. Also, they did not like how they had to wake up super early just to go to school for only an hour. One thing that is shocking is hearing about how school security kicked students off campus after the school day was over and that that security tried to rush students to leave, which caused a lot of troubles for those who are not able to get picked up to go home early in the morning.

Some students are wanting change about the new schedule. Some things that could change includes waking up for school, we want to change the time schedule so that students would wake up later in the day and would go to school more rested instead of tired and drowsy in the morning. Some say that taking away the breaks in between periods and lunch should be removed, students want lunch to be removed as they say that lunch was unnecessary as they could just leave during lunch. Some students are also saying that the school class periods needed to be changed back to its original order as students didn’t like how the periods were in chronological order instead of the odd schedule.

The purpose of the WHS’ Final Exam Week was done to mimic colleges and universities on how they conduct their final exam week with a different class time than regular class time. Based on this purpose, we thought that the schedule would be helpful for students, which is true. Students’ thoughts about the schedule were positive as they are saying things like: it was not too overwhelming as students can focus on different subjects on different days. It was also helpful as students were able to study for exam week before it started, relating to real college or university exams, and it helped students prepare themselves for testing and getting ready on time. Lastly, a student said that the exam week was like practice that could help prepare for real exams in college years.


On the other hand, some students say there was a bit of a downside to the final exam week. There was a bit of inconvenience as students say that some teachers needed to be better prepared next time.


Overall, students here at WHS, we prefer the incorporation of the Final Exam Week because it’s more helpful for students as it helps them improve before the test and helps prepare them for the real thing.


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