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Dos and Don’t of Fashion at WHS

Illustration by: Maryann McCann

Fashion at Waipahu High School (WHS) is one of the most common things you see around campus—from crocs to ripped jeans and more. Of course that is not everything you see around campus, but here are some of my DO’s and DON’Ts of fashion at WHS.


Of course you don’t have to look like you walked out of a Balenciaga Magazine when you come to school everyday, but coming to school in anything you feel comfortable in—like sweatpants, oversized shirts, and oversized jackets—will get you through the day without feeling like you look underdressed.

A lot of people might not enjoy the idea of wearing clothes you’d wear to sleep, but there’s no problem in coming to school in these clothes.

If you want to come to school stylish and have all eyes on you, wear a statement top. By statement, I mean anything bold that stands out.

Jeans are something you have probably seen walking around campus. But, preferably, if you want to have a stylish outfit, wear jeans with patterns sewn on or have Backpocket designs— even better!

To spice things up, add a necklace, or a cute bracelet.

Finally wear your favorite pair of shoes, and Voila! You have yourself a glamorous outfit that will have everyone around you staring, in a good way.


Sure there might not be a lot of dont’s on what not to wear to school, but, in my opinion, here are some of my dont’s of what not to wear to school.

1. Definitely do not wear anything against the dress code because you’ll end up getting dress-coded even if you try to hide it.

2. Anything uncomfortable. A lot of people might not have a lot of choices for clothes but it’s better to come in clothes that feel comfortable and get you through the day rather than wear something that may be too tight, or too loose.

3. You don’t have to come to school in something that you want to impress someone in. It’s important to love yourself the way you are and you don’t have to dress up in clothes that are meant to impress someone.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what someone wears, it matters on how you act because of it.

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Bryce Kelley
Bryce Kelley, Writer
Hi! My Name is Bryce Kelley, I’m a freshman, and I'm in the Academy of Arts and Communication. Some things I enjoy are modeling, fashion, and going out with my friends. People have described me as being really funny, outgoing, and that I knows how to comfort others. I'm so excited to be a part of The Cane Tassel, and I can't wait to make so many fun memories throughout the school year with my team.

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