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The benefits of having good grades

Student grades are so important in life and students do not even know it. Grades need to be focused on more and taken more seriously.

All students strive to obtain good grades, but what are the benefits?

Well, there are a lot of advantages when having good grades. These perks can really help students in life and get through it. These benefits range from people feeling good about themselves to getting into a good college, which is a huge bonus.

In my opinion, when people gain good grades, they will always feel good about themselves, unlike bad grades. When people get bad grades, they tend to lose self-confidence and start to feel more down and feel like they could do better.

Also, in my opinion, those who have lower self-esteem may be more likely to have health problems due to lack of self care, and people who have low self-esteem may care little about themselves.

On the other hand, good grades boost people’s self-confidence and make them feel better about themselves. People who have high self-esteem may more likely have more success in school, may be better with social relationships, and may have good health mentally and physically.

Having good grades can also open up more college opportunities. Having good grades is very important for those wanting to get into college. If people are willing to continue school and professionalize it, college grades are very crucial if these people are trying to get into a graduate arts program.

Having more college opportunities can prepare people, both intellectually and socially. Being more intellectual can show that people have better problem-solving skills, while being more social can help them communicate and connect with others more.

All this is not the only thing good grades can lead to. Good grades can also help by getting people scholarships. Scholarships are a type of gift aid that provides the students a way to not repay the school.

There are some requirements needed to obtain a scholarship, such as meeting a certain GPA level. Scholarships are very good to students because it minimizes student debt and supports students, and grades and can also help students land a job.

More than 50% of companies look at screening applicants’ GPA.

“Grades certainly do matter when we’re recruiting students” says Dan Black, the director of recruiting for the Americas at professional services giant Ernst & Young, in a Forbes interview. “It’s really one of the only indications we have of a student’s technical ability or competence to do the job.”

Having a GPA on a resume can really help people obtain a future job and show that they are knowledgeable and can demonstrate their accomplishments in school.

Grades are one of the most important things to have in life. It will help people with their work life and give them an advantage in trying to support themselves financially and mentally.

In my opinion, grades need to be taken more seriously in life. People should start focusing more on grades to be able to achieve a much better way to obtain a job and support themselves.

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Rafael Tierra, Writer
The name is Rafael Tierra. I am at Waipahu High School in my freshman year. I am Filipino but was born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii. In my free time, I like to play games, spend time with family, and talk to my girlfriend. My favorite foods that I like are anything that includes chicken, curry, my parent’s cooking, my girlfriend’s cooking, and fast food. In school, I am in the culinary department pursuing my goal to start my own restaurant and to get better at cooking. When I am with my friends, I am very loud and funny. As for when I am by myself, I am quiet and tired. I come from a filipino family, having two brothers and one sister all older than me. My favorite thing to do in school is hangout with people who are close to me and my favorite class out of all my periods is my 7th, which is PE.

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