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Students need early career workplace experience

Illustration by: Maryann McCann

More schools should consider offering internships and off campus experience within workplace settings relating to students’ careers.

Some things cannot be taught in a classroom setting, and that is the experience students need when they get into the workforce.

Elaine Joy Bayudan, a Junior in the Academy of Health and Sciences, suggests more mentorships and internships in actual hospital settings.

“I think getting that experience within junior or sophomore year already would be a good experience for people who want to suddenly change academies or want to explore a different path within what they want to do,” Bayudan states.

Early exposure helps students to make informed decisions about future careers and pathways.

Mila Rexford, an aspiring aerospace engineer and a Junior in the Academy of Industrial Engineering Technology, wishes there were more resources for her to explore her field of interest.

Rexford suggests tours to help learn more about different fields.

”I would like to just see what people in that field have to go through,” She goes on to add that, “I feel like there’s more opportunities just outside of high school.”

In order to engage with the world of work, mentoring, internships, and job site visits can be useful for students to get a better understanding of what they will have to do in their line of work.

Schools need to continue to grow and help students to receive the support they need to get that real world experience. This is needed in future careers to set students up for success.

“More than half (53%) of college graduates have not applied to an entry-level job in their field because they felt unqualified, and nearly half (42%) felt unqualified because they did not have all the skills listed in the job description.”

Internships have been proven to be extremely beneficial to students and those exploring different careers.

Within the Teacher Education Pathway in the Academy of Professional & Public Services, Rachel Tabion, a Senior, has taken on multiple internships that have helped her for her future career.

During summer 2023, Tabion had internships at Atlantis Adventures and Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club.

“At Marriot, I worked as a linen runner and then, [at] Atlantis, I worked as a GSA,” Tabion explains.

Currently, Tabion has been trying to decide whether or not she wants to teach high school students or elementary students. These opportunities have helped her to narrow down her decisions.

She says that it has helped her learn how to cater to different age groups and overall classroom management, as well as going out to different schools and teaching under different grade levels being under the Teacher Education Pathway.

Interns spend most of their time in analytical problem-solving work and project management. Project management and analytical skills are some of the most important skills to have.

Another upside to internships is that 68% of interns get a full-time offer for the company they interned for.

Tabion continues to add on, “I work at Atlantis still. I work part-time now, after the summer internship.” Through her internships Tabion finds time to balance work, school, and extracurriculars. She says that this has taught her time management.

There are some people who operate differently from school and outside work, they could thrive in different areas a school does not provide. Having students receive that personal workplace freedom allows them to use critical thinking that is not shadowed by a classroom and a teacher.

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