Should parents dictate their children’s careers?


My cousins and I have one thing in common: we all have to pursue going into healthcare because that is what our family wants. But sometimes I don’t want to pursue going into healthcare because it seems too overwhelming.

Kids in this generation want to choose our own careers and be independent. I am thankful to have caring parents who are guiding my way to adult life, but sometimes it is frustrating to listen to their lectures and opinions about careers. Parents should listen to their children’s thoughts and feelings about what they really want to pursue. They should not force them to do things they don’t want to do. 

Going into healthcare shouldn’t be the only future career option for me. There are many other career paths that have high pay and could lead to success. 

My family encourages me to go into healthcare to help people, but some patients’ problems will always stick with them and it’s not possible to help everybody. 

Some of my family members who went into healthcare almost wanted to give up during their education due to the academic stress and the length of their programs. Once they entered the healthcare field, they experienced rude and difficult patients. I would not want to be surprised by unpredictable patients. 

I would also want a job that allows enough rest and allows me to function. The 12-hour shifts that are typical in healthcare could lead to exhaustion and errors. 

You can’t just live up to what your parents want to do, you also have to live up to your own dreams because that is what is important. If students want to discover what they want to do in the future, they should ask questions and learn from professionals in their field about the reality of their potential careers.