Affirmation Instagram spreads positivity

Be humble, don’t rumble,” is one of the many wise statements that the Instagram account whs.afffirmations wants to spread to the students of Waipahu High School. 

WHS Affirmations is an anonymously-run daily affirmation account for the students of Waipahu High School. Each post contains the affirmation of the day, and ranges from supportive words like “I am doing my best, and that is enough,” to silly affirmations such as “I enjoy the finer things in life. Cheese bites and Fridays.” These affirmations were originally created by the owner of the account, but as the account grew in popularity, followers were able to request and send in their own affirmations to be posted. 

The owner of the account began, “I was kind of sad that people would be getting into fights so early into the year. I made a couple memes with puns and my friends were like, ‘Hey, you should make an account and post them!’” 

The creation of the account took also inspiration from other affirmation accounts such as iam.affirmations, and the owner’s enjoyment of making these silly posts that brighten your day. 

When talking about the message that the account is trying to convey, the owner kept it simple, saying that they just want to make peoples’ day and spread love and positivity. 

“Sometimes my days suck, and when I go online, I see some really funny and relatable things, and it makes my day. I didn’t expect followers though–I just like to make goofy pictures on picsart and post them without teachers checking and grading them,” they elaborated. 

This message has been successfully spread as the account has gained over 360 followers since its creation, and has grown popular among Waipahu High School community.