Ranking current fashion trends

Let’s talk about current fashion trends and rank them.

Ranked #1 we have 90s and Y2K (2000s) style. I personally love Juicy Couture tracksuits. Whether in bright colors or neutral tones, they’re stylish, cozy, and hug the body well. Baggy jeans paired with oversized T-shirts and sneakers remind me a lot of the 90s and 2000s style, as well as mini skirts and bright-colored pieces. For boys, the 90’s and Y2K style suits them well–for example, durags with baggy Dickies or True Religion jeans. 

Ranked #2 we have piercings. Many teens nowadays are getting piercings such as cartilage, triple ear piercings, and double nose piercings. I had a double nose piercing and think they suit others’ facial features. They look adorable and unique. 

Ranked #3 I’d like to discuss Waipahu High students’ shoe game, specifically Air Jordans. They go with everything and you can dress up or dress down with them. In 1984, NBA star Michael Jordan debuted the first Air Jordan line. Air Jordans have always been a trend, with 2022 bringing more attention to the Jordan 4’s popularity.


Ranked #4 is Bass Pro Shop hats. This trend also started earlier this year. They are affordable, there is a variety of colors to choose from, and since they’re trucker hats, they are breathable. Bass Pro Shop hats are basic, but complement regular day-to-day outfits. 


Ranked #5 are the Sprayground shark backpacks. In my opinion they’re expensive, and would not be my first choice of backpack. Almost every boy in the school owns a Sprayground shark backpack. Although they are very spacious, they don’t have pockets. Unlike many other daily-use backpacks, they are made of leather. I think the backpacks look like turtle shells, but many people have their own perspective on these kinds of accessories.

Those are my personal rankings for five trends. It’s really interesting to have the opportunity to see different types of outfits every day. I’m curious about what others think about these trends.