Tips for strong friendships


My definition of friendship is having a relationship with a person, knowing them for a long time, and having a connection with them. Friendships have ups and downs because you may fight with friends about certain things, and that is normal because you won’t always get along with your friends.

Building a connection is important when making friends because it makes you feel valuable, special, loved, and appreciated. When finding a friend, make sure to look at their qualities and see if they are a loyal friend.

Second, make sure that they always are there for you if you need them. Third, make sure they will never break your trust or talk about you to other people.

These qualities are important because friends without these qualities could leave you heartbroken. Everyone should focus on finding true and real friends. 

In a friendship, you should never break your friend’s trust because you may not be able to regain their trust. They may not be there for you or avoid you. Losing a friend may make you feel like you’re not worth it. When doing these things, you may not be able to find true friends who are there for you. 

To be a good friend, respect your friend’s boundaries if they want their space. Give them space because it isn’t always good to be with them all the time. Finally, always have trust in each other and don’t break each other’s promises.