Cane Training Center aims to expand Cafe, Bookstore, and Services


Alexis Soriano

Students screen print and embroider many of the items at the Cane Bookstore.

Before the school bell rings, the Cane Cafe students deliver coffee to teachers who have ordered it. Situated in the portables on the east side of the school, the Cane Cafe is a part of the larger Cane Training Center, designed to teach Waipahu High School’s Ohana of Excellence students skills that suited to different work environments. The Ohana of Excellence is a program designed to support students with varying degrees of significant disabilities. Currently there are three parts of the training center: the Cane Bookstore, Cane Cafe, and Cane Services.

Cane Cafe students build skills that baristas, cashiers, cooks, and more may need in the food industry. The Cafe not only makes and serves coffee, but also delivers it to teachers around campus. They plan to start serving students after school next school year.

Located in V-103, the Cane Bookstore sells items such as folders, binders, hand sanitizers, and others that any student might need. The bookstore also focuses on print work. Behind the counters, they have embroidery machines and others to customize the products. Anyone may visit the Cane Bookstore from 7:00 AM-3:30 PM Monday through Friday.  

The Cane Bookstore eventually aims to sell products in a more spacious and central location, and offer an elective to allow more students to participate in running the bookstore. Its grand opening was originally scheduled for August 2021, but due to the high COVID cases at the time, it has been postponed to the start of next school year. 

The Cane Services students work on developing building maintenance, landscaping, and related skills. Some of the services they are perfecting include deep cleaning of rooms, taking care of grassy areas around campus, and minor repairs. In the future, Cane Services plans to allow faculty and staff to request such services.

Once the Cane Training Center opens further, many students can look forward to working alongside the Ohana of Excellence Students as well as supporting their services.