The benefits of drawing and painting


Mafel Garcia

A Drawing and Painting student works on a beach landscape.

Karl Abon

People have used art since ancient times to send messages, express themselves, or to record history. Our ancestors started using their hands to paint or draw, and as time passed, they invented tools to create better art. New techniques and technologies added even more.

Arts isn’t just about techniques or expressing yourself. Art can help you relax, reduce stress, and increase your creativity. Art  is everywhere. Everything from the buildings to the furniture you see around you are created using art. You could also say that preparing food is an art.

Research shows that creativity, critical thinking, social development, and self-worth are developed through art. Learning and practicing art also strongly correlates with higher achievement in reading and math.

According to “The Benefits of Painting for Brain and Mental Health,” “When people create something beautiful through painting, they stimulate the creative mind while relieving mental strain. A low stress level leads to a happier, healthier lifestyle and helps improve overall mental health.” Doing art helps with your mental health and stress in addition to improving your creativity.

Waipahu High School Drawing and Painting Teacher Alison Meggs sees students express their emotions through their artwork.

The Drawing and Painting class has four different levels. In the first level, students learn how to sketch and shade, while students in the other three levels learn more advanced techniques. The class provides students with all the materials they need, but students are required to bring their own sketchbook.

“Drawing and Painting helps [students] see arts differently,”  Meggs says. “It also helps them see things from different perspectives.”

Taking this class isn’t just beneficial to those who want to be an artist. There are other careers that require art, such as architecture or fashion design. Drawing and painting also increase your creativity, and there are many jobs that require creativity.